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Robbe & Berking is a maker of silverware with a long and distinguished history going back to the year 1874. From generation to generation, the family company has continually refined and perfected its knowledge of silver-making - right up to the present high standard. Much of the original master craftsman's skill thus remains alive in the collection.

Cutlery and tableware with the R & B hallmark are prized among experts and enthusiasts throughout the world as unrivalled masterpieces of the silver-making art.

Ichendorf is manufacturer of crystal glass tableware, exquisite combination of traditional handcrafted glass production and modern style. A strong accent has been constantly being placed on innovative interpretation of the classic perception for the glass items and redefining their role and form on the table.

Ichendorf launched its new development during the 90ies of the past century. With lots of attention to detail and passion, the brand started to grow its portfolio year by year, featuring models in modern, minimalistic style, getting rid of the too much detail on traditional glassware. The new forms and series have been result of collaboration between Ichendorf and a number of established names in the architecture and design field, where the leading line has always been the tradition of handcrafted glass, made in Italy and cutting-edge craftsmanship.

The corporate philosophy has always been to combine the traditional techniques with innovative approaches where the end product conveys the art of hand made glass, finely suited in modern form and functionality.

The know-how of our ancestors and the technological innovations has driven Ichendorf to produce finest, transparent crystal glass. Thus materials and forms are light and bearing authentic crystal shine, transcending discreet class and style to any residential space.



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