Interior textiles

The proper choice of home textile, curtains and blinds is of critical importance for creating cozy and stylish home. It is highly recommended that you plan in advance textile in the earliest stages of the interior project, together with the choice of wall finishes, tiling and upholstery.

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Curtain and Blinds

Rods and profile systems are the core element in the preparation works for window decoration. In combination of functionality and design, diversity of models offered makes it easy to choose rods that fit the style and overall design of any space. The profiles we offer can generally be attributed to one of the following two categories: rail and decorative rods.

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Wall coverings

In modern design, placing wallpapers is not just covering the wall, it is a key factor for projecting thorough concept for the ambiance and functionality of modern home. Diversity of models, materials and patterns allows creating interior solutions covering the whole range from trendy Urban style to sheer classic designs.

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Bedroom & Bathroom

Гамата от завивки на Flou е изключителна по своето разнообразие и качество. Flou подбира внимателно материалите избирайки топлия гъши пух, изключителния унгарски гъши пух и дишащи антиалергични фибри.

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Home Accessories

Robbe & Berking is a maker of silverware with a long and distinguished history going back to the year 1874. From generation to generation, the family company has continually refined and perfected its knowledge of silver-making - right up to the present high standard.

Ichendorf is manufacturer of crystal glass tableware, exquisite combination of traditional handcrafted glass production and modern style. A strong accent has been constantly being placed on innovative interpretation of the classic perception for the glass items and redefining their role and form on the table.

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