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Beside the body, your head also requires comfortable support during your sleep. This has been the guiding reason for Flou to develop and add to its portfolio a wide range of pillows. There is a variety of materials to choose from - traditional wool fill-in, goose down, the ingenious adjustable rollefil. And for people who would not settle for the second best, Flou offers pillows made of Memoform, the latter follow and support the head during each and every movement.

The duvet range of Flou is exceptional in its diversity and quality. The company selects with utmost care the warm goose down , the outstanding Hungarian goose down and breathing anti-allergic fibers. In order to provide for optimal temperature in any time of the year, the company has come up with light, medium-weight and all-season duvets, the latter being made as a combination of two duvets of different weights. Thus anyone's warmth needs are being covered.

Комплектите спални чаршафи обикновено са съставени от горен чаршаф ушит от трите страни, долен чаршаф с ластични ъгли и калъфки за възглавници. Може да се избира от разнообразни колекции чаршафи, според вида матрак и между 9 широчини и 2 дължини.





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